06 By the boat before starting_3MICHAEL J. LEMKE
Associate Professor of Biology


Director of the Emiquon Field Station



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·         Microbial Ecology

·         Applied and Environmental Microbiology


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American Museum of Natural History



  Curriculum Vitae


  Professional Preparation

·         B.S., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Wildlife Management/Biology - 1980

·         M. S., University of British Columbia, Zoology - Cell Biology - 1985, advisor Dr. Harold Kasinsky

·         Ph. D. , Michigan Technological University, Biological Sciences-Limnology - 1992, advisor Dr. Stephen Bowen

·         Post-Doctorate Research Associate, University of Alabama, Limnology and wetland ecology - 1992-94 with Dr. Robert Wetzel

·         Post-Doctorate Research Associate, Kent State, University, Microbial Ecology  - 1995-97 with Dr. Laura Leff


  Research Interests

  • microbial ecology focusing on bacterial population interactions in freshwater ecosystems
  • microbial processes in interface habitats (i.e., oxic-anoxic layers)
  • bacterial populations in streams, rivers, and floodplain habitats with special interest in nutrient cycling and decompositional processes


Recent Publications, Funding and Awards

·         2010.  Lemke, M. J., T. A. Pagioro, A. M. Lemke, and S. M. Thomaz.  Diel variation and thermal mixing:   A  comparison of patterns in a north-temperate and a subtropical shallow floodplain lake.  Journal of Freshwater Biology.  25:373-383.

·         2009.  Lemke, M. J., E. K. Lienau, J. Rothe, T. A. Pagioro, J. Rosenfeld, and R. DeSalle. 2009. Description of freshwater bacterial assemblages from the Upper Parana River floodpulse system.  Microbial Ecology 57:94-103.

·         2008.  Mud and Microbes time lapse photography now published in the American Society for Microbiology’s Microbial Library.  CHECK OUT our time-lapse movie at:  https://edocs.uis.edu/kmill2/www/mudMovieCreativeCommonsVersionV3.mov  (allow sometime for download - it’s a large file)

·         American Society for Microbiology BEST ONLINE LEARNING EXERCISE AWARD:   Wohl, D., M. J. Lemke, M. Levandowsky, and T. Gorrell.  2005.  Microbial Diversity Workbook:  Creating a “Microbe Collection.” http://www.microbelibrary.org.

·         University Scholar.  University of Illinois.

·         2006-09.  Dungey, K. (director), L. Vasquez, A. McEuen, G. Trammell, W. Gade, and M. Lemke. Merck/AAAS Grant for Undergraduate Science Research:  Microbial Community Diversity and Its Relationship to Water Quality at the Emiquon Preserve.


Students and Student Projects


Current Research Topics and Collaborators


Courses and Teaching

  • BIO141 & 241:  Majors Biology
  • BIO345:  General Microbiology
  • BIO346:  General Microbiology Laboratory
  • PAC404:  Science and the Human Future
  • BIO444:  Aquatic Ecology
  • BIO561/ENS561:  Microbial Ecology
  • BIO445/ENS445:  Biology of Water Pollution
  • BIO302/BIO502:  Honor’s & Graduate Seminars
  • LSC423:  Emiquon Floodplain Restoration
  • PAC413:  Public Issues in Water Resources








Contact Information

University of Illinois at Springfield
Biology Department, HSB 227
One University Plaza
Springfield, IL  62703
(217) 206-7339 voice; (217) 206-6162 fax
e-mail:  lemke.michael@uis.edu



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