Do you teach CS1 programming?

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is funding a project to explore the effect of teaching ethics to undergraduates taking the first course in programming (often called "CS1"). We will be supplying online teaching materials for a CS1 course, including an ethics module. If you are willing to participate in this project, please email us at miller.keith(at)

Instructors who join the project will attend two meetings in Springfield, Illinois; the NSF will pay a modest stipend for your attendance. At the first meeting, we will introduce you to the materials and to the project. We will work on fine tuning the materials for your teaching goals. The second meeting will follow the semester when you teach the course, and we'll discuss the results and your ideas for improving the materials.

The links to the left will tell you more about our project and about us. Please feel free to email any questions you have. We hope that you will consider joining this project.

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