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Keenan E. Dungey

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Undergraduate Research Support Program

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, HSB 312
One University Plaza
Springfield, IL 62703-5407
(217) 206-7345

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†††† Without faith, man would remain inconceivable to himself.--Blaise Pascal


Iím currently the director of the Undergraduate Research Support Program and an associate professor of inorganic chemistry in the Chemistry Department at the University of Illinois Springfield.



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Currently Teaching


Description: Description:  CHE 142 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry

An introductory course in descriptive inorganic chemistry.

Description: Description:  CHE 442 Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II

A laboratory experience in modeling, inorganic synthesis, and physical chemistry methods focused on nanotechnology.


Past Courses at UIS

Description: Description:  CHE 271 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

The second semester laboratory course in our Organic chemistry sequence.


Description: Description:  CHE 422 Inorganic Chemistry

An advanced course in the structure and reactivity of inorganic compounds.


Description: Description:  CHE 301 General Seminar

An introduction to the scientific literature for science majors


Description: Description:  CHE 103 Introduction to Nanotechnology

An introductory science course for non-science majors focusing on new developments in nanotechnology.


Description: Description:  CHE 104 Introduction to Nanotechnology Lab

A laboratory for CHE 103.


Description: Description:  CHE 322 Laboratory Techniques

An review of laboratory methods and math for science majors


  CAP 141 Biology and Chemistry of the Environment

An integrated science course for first year students


Description: Description:  CHE 431/ENS 447 Environmental Chemistry

A survey of environmental issues in a chemical context.


Description: Description:  CHE 441 Integrated Chemistry Laboratory

A laboratory experience in modeling, inorganic synthesis, and physical chemistry methods.


Description: Description:  CHE 262: ECCE Science and World Religions

An Engaged Citizenship Common Experience Global Awareness course on the interactions between science and religion.


Description: Description:  BIO 333 ECCE 10,000 Years at Emiquon

A US Communities course on the history and science of Emiquon on the Illinois River.


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Keenan Dungey's Schedule, Spring 2014

Day and Time



8:30-11:30 M

CHE 400

HSB 316

12:00-2:55 M

CHE 480A

HSB 324

4:00-5:50 M


VPA 33

8:30-9:45 T

CHE 142

UHB 2034

12:00-12:30 T


12:30-2:30 T

Office Hours

HSB 312

9:00-12:00 W

CHE 400

HSB 316

1:00-2:00 W


8:30-9:45 R

CHE 142

UHB 2034

11:30-12:45 R


1:00-2:00 R




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Education and Background


B. S. Wheaton College, 1993

Ph. D. The University of Michigan, Dec. 1997

Dreyfus Post-doc, Furman University, 1998-2000


A complete CV is available.


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Other Information


Iím interested in the interaction between religion and science.


I have two children.


Please stop by my personal Web page.


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