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20-inch Telescope

Be Star Spectroscopy Project

This program was begun under Prof. Charles Schweighauser to simultaneously monitor the photometric and spectroscopic fluctuations of bright Be Stars. A Be star is a star that is much hotter and more massive than our Sun which has emission lines in it spectrum due to a disk of material accumulated from its stellar wind. Our current program is focused on the long-term monitoring of Psi Persei, 59 Cyg, Kappa Draconis, and 66 Oph. We are looking for patterns of behavior in these stars that will help to explain the mechanism that produces the strong emission lines in their spectra.

Active Targets

The following are a list of Be Stars that are or have been active targets in our observing program since 2006.

StarYBSCFirst ObservedLast ObservedNumber of Observations
Psi Persei 10872007201344
11 Cam 1622200820124
Zeta Tau 1910200820098
Kappa Draconis 47872009201423
Tet Crb 57782006201316
Delta Sco 5953201120115
Tau Her 6092200720072
66 Oph 67122008201229
Beta Lyra 7106200620079
59 Cyg 80472008201329
Pi Aqr 85392005200510
Beta Psc 8773200720073

Last Updated July 7, 2014

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