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DNA Based Genetic Genealogy is my passion.


I grew up as the son of a career Air Force officer. This is my story (and I'm sticking to it.)

Digital Novice

The digital revolution is nothing new. I was writing about it in 1988

A Lifetime of Communication Experience - But Still a Radio DJ at Heart

It all started at a small 10 watt radio station... Well, seriously, it started a long, long time ago, in a place far, far away.

Throughout 55+ years of encountering and using technology, the constant theme in my life has been communication. In a career spanning radio broadcasting, telecommunication systems, and technical writing, it all ultimately brought me to Sangamon State University where I completed my undergraduate degree in Communication. I completed my MA as the graduate assistant for the program, and then headed for Indiana University where I received my degree in Communication and Culture.Dr. Jim

Long before I got serious about higher education, I engaged in experiential and on-the-job learning that has become a vital part of my subject knowledge and my philosophy of teaching. At the tender age of 11, I earned my first Federal Communication license as amateur radio operator KN9EIV. The following year I built (from scratch) my first digital computer, taking first place in my division at the St. Louis Science Fair. My first real radio gig came during my senior year in high school co-hosting a show on Armed Forces Radio Japan. Upon returning stateside, I worked at a number of smaller stations in the St. Louis market earning recognition by Billboard Magazine as one of the top small market radio personalities in the country. I collected a wall full of technical certifications and licenses before leaving broadcasting to work at the newly formed Sangamon State University as a supervisor in the media department.

I continued to work in higher education holding positions at both the Illinois State Board of Education and Lincoln Land Communication College. But what I did not do was finish a degree of any kind. After parlaying my skills into an engineering/technical position with the Bell Telephone system, I finally decided to return to SSU beginning an educational journey that ultimately led me to the position I now hold.

At UIS, with a newly-minted doctorate in hand, I worked for a period of time in the Office of Technology Enhanced Learning and taught Communication and Experiential Learning as an adjunct assistant professor. In 1999, I joined the full-time faculty of the Liberal Studies program and, in conjunction with Emeritus Professor Jan Droegkamp, developed the program that we now know as LIS online. Later I joined the Communication Department where I now serve as an Associate Professor of Communication specializing in new media.

Pstar AdI'm fortunate that I have the opportunity to also serve as the Director of Campus Radio - the student radio station at UIS known as The Prairie Star.

That's the brief story of my journey to this point in the space-time continuum. In the end, I started out as a kid who loves radio - and I'm still a kid - and my passion is still radio. I hope to meet you in one of my classes.

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