Date:  Wed 20 May 07:02:12 CDT 2009
From: "Schroeder, Raymond" <> Add To Contacts
Subject: CONGRATULATIONS to UIS Online faculty and staff members on a milestone!
To: "UIS Online" <>, "UIS Online Program Coordinators DL" <>

Banner this morning reveals there are now 2,070 enrollments in our summer online classes, with numbers growing daily as we approach the June first start date.  Combined with the fall and spring numbers, that puts us over the 10,000 online class enrollment total in an academic year for the first time in our history.  (Thanks to Bill Bloemer for Banner reports that track online enrollments)
The projected three-campus enrollment in online classes among UIC, UIUC, and UIS for this academic year was reported by the GC 2.0 committee as 22,125.  UIS has already enrolled more than 45% of that estimated total.  We average about 3.6 credit hours in our online classes (mix of three and four credit hour classes).  With 10,000 enrollments, that means we generated 36,000 credit hours.  Those 36,000 credit hours generated more than ten million dollars in tuition and fees for UIS this academic year.
None of this, of course, is possible without all of us - dedicated UIS faculty members teaching the classes and equally dedicated professional staff members who support the faculty and students!  You are the core of any and all success that the UIS online program achieves.  The big winners are the students whom you teach and support with excellence.  As was demonstrated again at the annual online graduates brunch last Saturday, the affordable access to high quality online learning you provide makes a difference in the lives of our students and their families.
So, congratulations on this milestone and thank you for all that we collectively accomplished together this year!
UIS Online Enrollments - AY 2008-2009
Fall 3,875 (at census)
Spring 4,058 (at census)
Summer 2,070  (census will be end of day, June 05)
AY 09 total 10,003  as of May 20th and counting............
AY 08 = 9,650
AY 07 = 8,585
AY 06 = 7,257
AY 05 = 5,724
Best regards,
Ray Schroeder
Professor Emeritus/Director OTEL/COLRS