Example of Meebo chat - 6 April 2010

[07:19] Sarah Cooper: Hey professor, when do we need to choose our paper 2 topic by?
[07:19] burkso2: Hi!
[07:19] burkso2: Sarah - well, the sooner the better.
[07:20] burkso2: The due date is just 4+ weeks away, and it is a research paper worth 35% of your final grade.
[07:20] burkso2: So you really need to get started soon.
[07:20] Sarah Cooper: I have been searching the others' paper ideas, and I do not want to repeat topics.
[07:20] burkso2: Why not write about sexting?
[07:20] burkso2: Lots of sources in the news, nobody else selected this topic.
[07:20] Sarah Cooper: that would be a good one
[07:20] burkso2: Lots of resources about laws and public policies.
[07:20] burkso2: And pending legislation.
[07:20] burkso2: It would be a good choice
[07:21] Sarah Cooper: perfect, that sounds like a good idea and is a very relevent topic recently
[07:21] burkso2: Good!
[07:21] burkso2: I'm currently in Seattle - looking out of my hotel room at the Space Needle.
[07:21] Sarah Cooper: Wow!! Sounds like a nice view! You're quite the world traveler
[07:22] burkso2: Yes, lots of travel this semester.
[07:22] burkso2: You still should post your topic to the Phase One discussion forum - to get input from other students
[07:22] burkso2: OK?
[07:22] Sarah Cooper: Thats good though, forturnately it has been warm in springfield, but not much to view
[07:22] Sarah Cooper: Perfect, sounds great. Thanks again and enjoy your travel!
[07:23] burkso2: OK, bye for now.
[07:23] Sarah Cooper: Bye