Example of Meebo chat - 13 April 2010

[16:33] meeboguest416734: hey Prof. Oakley, it's Abbie

[16:36] burkso2: Hey, Abbie!
[16:36] burkso2: How are you today?
[16:37] burkso2: Is your name a play on words? Abbie Gail?
[16:37] meeboguest416734: I am good, just trying to figure out the Diigo assingment
[16:37] burkso2: OK - are you in the CSC442b group in Diigo?
[16:37] meeboguest416734: yeah it's two seperate words, my parents were tricky
[16:37] burkso2: :-)
[16:38] meeboguest416734: i joined diigo, but I can't figure out how to join the CSC group
[16:38] burkso2: Ahhh.... I sent everyone an invitation during the first week of the semester.
[16:38] burkso2: I'll send you another invitation to join the group in the next few minutes - to your UIS e-mail address.
[16:38] burkso2: BTW - What is your UIS e-mail? So I don't have to look it up.
[16:39] meeboguest416734: mmmm, I'm following you. But didn't see myself on the group page ....it's adial3@uis.edu
[16:39] burkso2: Once I send you the new invitation, then you can follow the link and join the group. Then when you bookmark a site in Diigo, you can share it with the group.
[16:39] burkso2: OK?
[16:40] meeboguest416734: OK, Thank you for your help!
[16:40] burkso2: OK, I just sent you the invitation.
[16:40] burkso2: You should get it in a minute in your UIS e-mail account.
[16:40] burkso2: Let me know if you have any problems with it.
[16:40] burkso2: Nice to chat with you!
[16:41] meeboguest416734: thanks, you too
[16:41] burkso2: Bye for now.