Example of Meebo chat - 21 January 2010

[13:19] meeboguest947167: Hi Burks. This is Nichole. I was just wondering if you could check to make sure I turned in my survey. I did it before class even started.
[13:19] burkso2: Hey!
[13:19] burkso2: Sure, I have yours - fine - thanks.
[13:20] burkso2: You are the first one to contact me on Meebo!
[13:20] meeboguest947167: Thank you! I am reading the article now so I should have something up on the discussion board sometime tonight.
[13:20] burkso2: Sounds fine!
[13:20] meeboguest947167: Haha I like this little thing. I've never heard of it before. It's nice because I can access it at work or anywhere else I'm at.
[13:21] burkso2: Yes, I linked it to the course website and also in Blackboard, so if I'm online, it should work fine.
[13:21] Nichole.Bozarth: Awesome. Thanks again for answering my question. Back to work I go!
[13:21] burkso2: OK, thanks.  Bye.
[13:21] Nichole.Bozarth: Bye!