Example of Meebo chat - 12 March 2010

[04:35] burkso2: Hey
[04:35] burkso2: Are you still there?
[04:35] burkso2: type in the box
[04:35] yes I am: okay
[04:35] burkso2: and then hit return
[04:35] burkso2: got it
[04:35] burkso2: Good morning!
[04:35] burkso2: you are up late
[04:35] yes I am: good morning!! yes i had to finish a paper for another class
[04:36] yes I am: but I was having trouble submitting my podcast
[04:36] burkso2: It probably is too large for Blackboard
[04:36] burkso2: You'll need to upload it to your eDocs account
[04:36] burkso2: I can send you a short flash video showing how to do that
[04:36] Chigozie Umeadi: I tried to do that but for some reason my www folder isnt working
[04:37] burkso2: OK, you can put it anywhere on eDocs and create a ticket so that I can access it
[04:37] Chigozie Umeadi: okay I will do that
[04:37] burkso2: You can then send me an e-mail note with the access information.
[04:38] burkso2: Don't sweat this - if it takes you a while to get it figured out, that is OK with me.
[04:38] burkso2: You need to get some sleep!
[04:38] burkso2: ;-)
[04:38] Chigozie Umeadi: haha I dont have anything to do today so its shouldnt be that bad
[04:38] burkso2: OK, fine. Thanks.
[04:39] Chigozie Umeadi: what is your email adress?
[04:40] burkso2: oakley@illinois.edu or oakley@uis.edu
[04:40] Chigozie Umeadi: alright thanks
[04:41] Chigozie Umeadi: alright i just sent it so hopefully it works. Should I post my work cited to blackboard?
[04:42] burkso2: Yes, that would be fine. Thanks.
[04:42] Chigozie Umeadi: alright thank you
[04:50] burkso2: Gozie - You gave me access to the Audacity file, but that is just a small file - it doesn't contain the actual audio.
[04:50] burkso2: You need to open the podcast.aup file and go to the File menu. Then "Export as MP3". Then you need to give me access to the mp3 file.
[04:51] Chigozie Umeadi: okay i will do that right now
[04:51] burkso2: Thanks.
[05:03] Chigozie Umeadi: I just sent it again so it should be good this time
[05:03] burkso2: Gozie - Thanks. I'll check in a moment.
[05:03] Chigozie Umeadi: Thanks
[05:03] burkso2: Gozie - Yes, that is it! I'm downloading the file (15 megabytes) right now. Thanks.
[05:03] Chigozie Umeadi: alright thanks
[05:03] burkso2: All is fine. Just post your reference list to Blackboard now.
[05:04] Chigozie Umeadi: alright im finishing it up right now