Example of Meebo chat - 3 March 2010

[10:07] Sarah Cooper: Hi Professor, i was wondering this earlier.. is there a way throught Bb to see where you have posted during a discussion? I thought this was a stretch, but i always have to look through them all to make sure ive commented atleast to three
[10:07] burkso2: Hi!
[10:07] Sarah Cooper: does this question make sense, not sure if i explained it right
[10:07] burkso2: Sarah - Well, if you sign your name, you can always search for postings with your name
[10:07] burkso2: There is a search function for each discussion forum
[10:08] Sarah Cooper: right, i just wasnt sure if there was some easier way, with this new Bbtest that it just showd you a list
[10:08] Sarah Cooper: ohh..
[10:08] burkso2: As an instructor, I can get all the posts from each student. I don't think students have that option.
[10:08] burkso2: I'll check and send you e-mail if I learn something
[10:09] Sarah Cooper: ohh, great thanks! Just something i was thinking about earlier as i was reading though the paper1 assignment. I hadnt remembered how many i commented on so i read through a bunch
[10:09] burkso2: Good question. I'll look into it and send you e-mail.
[10:09] burkso2: OK?
[10:10] Sarah Cooper: thanks so much!
[10:10] burkso2: bye for now
[10:10] Sarah Cooper: Bye!