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Meebo is a Web 2.0 application used for real-time chat. 
Like many Web 2.0 tools, Meebo is completely free to use.

Alexandra Pickett, lead instructional designer for the SUNY Learning Network, spoke at the Sloan-C west coast symposium on Emerging Technologies for Online Learning in San Francisco in 2009 - she demonstrated how Meebo could be used in an online class:

Meebo - Used by the Champaign Public Library to chat with a reference librarian

The first thing you need is the Meebo widget [MeeboMe].  One can embed the Meebo widget in any web page - there is no need for students to have an account - the widget is configured so that it only connects with a single Meebo account - in my case, burkso2.

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="250" height="300"></embed>

Here is the Meebo widget - configured to connect to Burks' Meebo account:

The Meebo widget was embedded in a page in Blackboard - during the Spring 2010 semester, in Burks' CSC442B course.  This page is linked from the Chat with Burks menu item on the Course Menu in Blackboard.

Burks also has the Meebo widget embedded on the main course website at:

The other half of Meebo is the Meebo Notifier, which is running on all of Burks' computers.

The Meebo Notifier starts when Windows starts, so it is running all the time in the background (and connected to the burkso2 account on the Meebo site):

Meebo notifier
When someone accesses the Meebo widget, the Meebo Notifier pops up:

Meebo notifier

Clicking on the preview window opens Burks' Meebo account in a browser, which contains the text chat window.

In terms of the Community of Inquiry model, Meebo increases both social presence and teaching presence (not really congnitive presence).

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Meebo provides a simple way to for students to chat with Burks whenever he is at a computer.

Examples of real-time chat:

Example One
Example Two
Example Three
Example Four
- Gozie wasn't even surprised that I was online at 4:35 am!
Example Five

Advantages to using Meebo

There is a Meebo plug-in for Firefox, which Burks also uses.  It can be configured to login to Meebo in a separate tab each time that Firefox starts.

Alt-M in the Firefox browser - shows the Meebo sidebar.

Articles about using Meebo:

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