Using Audacity to Create an MP3 File for Podcasting

Burks Oakley II
Michael Cheney

[Please note that this tutorial is for Audacity version 2.0, which is the current version of Audacity (released 13 March 2012).]

Downloading and Installing the Audacity Software

Go to

download Audacity

Click on the link "Download Audacity 2.0", which will bring up a dialog box, asking if you want to save the installer file (audacity-win-2.0.exe).  Click on "Save File" and note where on your computer you saved the file.

download box

Run the .exe file to install the Audacity software on your Windows PC.  [Sorry, folks, this tutorial is only for Windoz folks - if you have a Mac, hopefully it won't be too much different.]

Go on to the next page of this tutorial once you have installed Audacity.

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