Publishing Your Podcast

Burks Oakley II
Ray Schroeder

This tutorial assumes that you already have created an mp3 file with your podcast.

You first need to put your mp3 file on a web server somewhere in cyberspace.  If you have your own web server, it is fine to use it.  If you don't have a webserver, you can get free storage at [one of many sites that offer free hosting of podcasts].  Simpy go to the website and create a free account.  Begin by clicking on the "Register" link:

Enter your personal information as promted:

Once your free account is created, you should login and click on the "publish my media" link; then click on the "Audio" icon:

Follow the instructions on the screen and provide all of the information requested about your mp3 file (such as title, author, copyright holder, etc.).  You then will be prompted to upload your mp3 file.  Eventually, you will view a screen at the website with a description of your mp3 file - and most importantly, with a hyperlink to the file on THEIR website.  This URL will be needed later.

In this case, the hyperlink is:

Next, you will need to create a blog.  One easy way to do this is at the website - this site is part of the Google empire, and you can login with your gmail account information.  If you don't have a free gmail account, go to and follow the instructions.

Once you can login to, name your new blog - it will be hosted for free on the website (also part of the Google empire), so the blog address (URL) will be, where NewBlogName is the name of your new blog.  In this example, the new blog will be published at

You will be prompted to select a template that will determine how your blog will look when it is published.  Don't worry, you always can switch to a different template later.  In this example, the Minima template was selected:

At this point, your blog has been created and you can post your first podcast by clicking on the "start posting" link:

Well, there is one other thing you have to do before you can post a podcast.  You will have to edit your blog's settings so that it knows you will be attaching an mp3 file (your podcast) to the posting.  To do this, click on the "Settings" tab:

Which will take you to here:

Scroll down until you see the "Show Link Field" section and select "Yes" - you need to show the "Link Field" in order to enter the web address (URL) of your mp3 file:

Next, create your blog posting - and most importantly, include the hyperlink ("link") to your mp3 file on your web server (or on the website):

Click on "Publish" and view your first blog posting:

Note that the orange title of the blog posting in the screenshot above is a hyperlink to your mp3 file.

Once you have made your first blog posting (with the link to your podcast), you can go on to the second-half of this tutorial.

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