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LinkedIn "Assignment"

About LinkedIn

[From Wikipedia] LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site, mainly used for professional networking. As of October 2007, it had more than 15 million registered users, spanning 150 industries and more than 400 economic regions (as classified by the service).

The main purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business. The people in the list are called Connections. Users can invite anyone (whether a LinkedIn user or not) to become a connection.

This list of connections can then be used in a number of ways:

The "gated-access approach" (where contact with any professional requires either a pre-existing relationship, or the intervention of a contact of theirs) is intended to build trust among the service's users.

Joining LinkedIn

Simply go to the LinkedIn website at and scroll down until you see the "Join now" button - click on this button:

Next enter all of the information that is requested:

After entering all the information, you will get to the bottom of the screen, where there is a "Join LinkedIn" button - click on that button:

At this point, you are ready to "Build your Network".  Go to the "Home" tab and click on the "Add Contacts" link:

If you have a gmail or hotmail account, you can add your contacts directly.  Else click on the "Enter Contacts Manually" link and follow the instructions:

You will have to keep coming back to LinkedIn to enter additional contacts.  At some point, you will have built a social network that should be of value to you professionally.  Good luck!

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