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Jing "Assignment"

From Wikipedia:
"Jing is a screencasting software launched in 2007 as Jing Project by the TechSmith Corporation. It is currently in version 2.1.9181 and is free to download and use. The software takes a picture or video of the user's computer screen and uploads it to the Web, FTP, computer or clipboard. A URL is automatically created and can be shared with others to view or access the uploaded file. Jing is compatible with Macintosh and Windows.  Its simple format and the ability to upload screencasts in SWF format for viewing at has made it useful for virtual reference in libraries."

The Jing "assignment" for this Sloan-C workshop is to create a short video (screen capture, or "screencast") illustrating something interesting from your online course (or anything else you want to show).

Specific Instructions:

Go to the Jing website ( and download the free Jing software.  Install this software on your computer.

The Jing website provides a great deal of help in getting started.  Here is a good overview of Jing:

Here are several YouTube videos about using Jing:

Please view all the instructions on the Jing website - and then contact Burks if you still have questions about getting started.

You should go ahead and create a screencast and share it with the other workshop participants.  Here is a short screencast that Burks created for his online class at UIS:

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