CSC 442 - ECCE - Section B - Spring 2014
The Internet and American Life
University of Illinois at Springfield
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Week 1 - due 27 January
Week 2 - due 3 February
Week 3 - due 10 February
Week 4 - due 17 February
Week 5 - due 24 February
Week 6 - due 3 March
Week 7 - due 10 March
Week 8 - due 24 March
Week 9 - due 31 March
Week 10 - due 7 April
Week 11 - due 14 April
Week 12 - due 21 April
Week 13 - due 28 April
Week 14 - due 5 May
Final Paper - due 9 May
Week 15 - due 12 May

Course Description
With far-ranging influences on commerce, education, news, entertainment, information dissemination and much more, the Internet has had an enormous impact on American society over the past decade.  This course examines that impact, as well as future trends, with an emphasis on the differential impact of the Internet on diverse US communities.

Learning Objectives


Course Information
Students will use the Internet to access required readings, class discussion sessions, and to submit written assignments.  There will NOT be any face-to-face meetings of this class.  There is no text for this course - all required readings are available online.  There are no written exams.

A separate page has additional information about the course, including Course Organization, Instructional Materials, Course Navigation, Netiquette, Technical Requirements, Techical Support, and Academic Support.


Final grades will be determined in the following manner:
Participation in online discussions 40%
Paper One (due not later than March 14th) 25%
Paper Two (due not later than May 9th) 35%
Details of the course grading policy are provided on a separate web page.

Podcasting, Facebook, and Twitter

Each week, Prof. Oakley will produce a podcast for CSC442 Section B.  While you are not required to listen to these podcasts, you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to do so, since these podcasts provide an ongoing summary of the course, putting the various course topics into perspective.  In addition, Prof. Oakley is using Facebook and Twitter to provide a brief mini-announcements several times each week.  You are encouraged to "like" the official class page in Facebook and to subscribe to the class Twitter feed to better keep up with the course.  Additional details are on the handouts for Podcasting, Facebook, and Twitter.

Disability Accommodation
Reasonable accommodations are available for students who have a documented disability.  A documented disability can include:  physical, psychological, chronic health, vision, hearing, learning, traumatic brain injury, Asperger’s Syndrome and/or autism, cognitive, and A.D./H.D.D.   Please notify the instructor during the first week of class of any accommodations needed for the course. While O.D.S. does accept late applications, accommodations are not retroactive. All accommodations must be approved through the Office of Disability Services in the Human Resource Building, Room 80.  The ODS phone number is:  217-206-6666.

Academic Integrity Policy
Prof. Oakley fully supports the UIS policy on Academic Integrity, which states, in part:
“Academic integrity is at the heart of the University's commitment to academic excellence.  The UIS community strives to communicate and support clear standards of integrity, so that undergraduate and graduate students can internalize those standards and carry them forward in their personal and professional lives. Living a life with integrity prepares students to assume leadership roles in their communities as well as in their chosen profession. Alumni can be proud of their education and the larger society will benefit from the University's contribution to the development of ethical leaders.

Violations of academic integrity demean the violator, degrade the learning process, deflate the meaning of grades, discredit the accomplishments of past and present students, and tarnish the reputation of the University for all its members.”

Academic sanctions in this class will range from a grade of zero (0) on the assignment to a failing grade in the course with a transcript notation of academic dishonesty.

All students in CSC 442 Section B are responsible for understanding and complying with the UIS Academic Integrity Policy:

Privacy Notification
From time to time, faculty who are new to online teaching will be observing the discussions that occur in the "Discussion Board" in CSC 442 Section B.  This will only be done in the context of learning how to promote online discussion.  The faculty will only observe and will not participate in any of the interactions.

Exceptional papers may be shared with students in future semesters; however, all student names will be deleted before sharing these documents with other students.


Class Schedule and Due Dates

Week One - Due January 27th by noon central time - Introduction to our Course & Introduction to Online Activities

Week Two - Due February 3rd by noon central time - What People Do When They Go Online
Week Three - Due February 10th by noon central time - Broadband and Access

Week Four - Due February 17th by noon central time - Social Networking & Social Media

Week Five - Due February 24th by noon central time - Mobile Access to the Internet

Week Six - Due March 3rd by noon central time - The Internet and Education

Week Seven - Due March 10th by noon central time - Communities, Neighborhoods, and Families

Paper One - Due March 14th by noon central time

Week Eight - Due March 24th by noon central time - E-Government, Politics and Civic Engagement

Week Nine - Due March 31st by noon central time - Teens Online

Week Ten - Due April 7th by noon central time - Online Commerce - Shopping and Banking

Week Eleven - Due April 14th by noon central time - The Internet and Health

Week Twelve - Due April 21st by noon central time - The Digital Divide

Week Thirteen - Due April 28th by noon central time - Internet as a News Source

Week Fourteen - Due May 5th by noon central time - Internet Video

Paper Two - Due May 9th by noon central time

Week Fifteen - Due May 12th by noon central time - Looking to the Future of the Internet

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