CSC 442 - Section B
University of Illinois at Springfield
Spring 2014
Prof. Burks Oakley II

Paper Two Checklist

[Note:  This checklist is for your own personal use - it is not to be submitted.]

My paper:

has at least 5 Internet-based resources relevant to the chosen topic (and most likely has 15 or more sources).
cites a sufficient number of student comments, and includes the relevant information about these comments on the References page.
has a minimum of 2000 original words of content (not counting direct quotes) plus a References list.  [Note:  Direct quotes are not counted in determining the "word-count" length of your paper.]
discusses the laws and public policies that are relevant to the chosen topic.
includes the complete URL of each website referenced in the paper on a numbered References list, and the Reference list in formatted the appropriate MLA or APA style -- see:
has a parenthetical reference - e.g. (4) - in the text of the paper whenever information from a source is used.
is not plagiarized - and appears to be an original work based on evaluation by Turn-It-In (Indiana University has a good source for understanding what constitutes plagiarism).
has content that is well organized and comprehensive.
uses language and grammar that is appropriate, and does not have an excessive number of contractions. [Note:  The word "Internet" should be capitalized; if you use "internet", you must be consistent, and not mix "Internet" and "internet".]
is NOT "instructive" [That is, if you are writing about the role that the Internet plays in identity theft, you should NOT instruct the readers what they should do to protect themselves from phishing.]
In addition,
I submitted my topic for discussion in Phase One in time to get sufficient input from other students.
During Phase One, I facilitated the discussion of my paper topic in Blackboard, and assisted at least three other students with their papers by providing links to online sources relevant to their topic.
I took the Paper Two Quiz on plagiarism and I answered all three questions correctly.
I submitted my paper to Turn-It-In for evaluation.

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