CSC 442 - ECCE - Section B
University of Illinois at Springfield
Spring 2014
Prof. Burks Oakley II

Paper One Checklist

[Note:  This checklist is for your own personal use - it is not to be submitted.]

My paper:

has at least 5 Internet-based resources relevant to the chosen topic (you need to provide a reference for EVERY web site that is mentioned in your paper).  [Note:  Excellent papers will have many more than 5 references.]
has a minimum of 2000 original words of content (not counting direct quotes) plus a References list.  [Note:  Direct quotes and the References list will not count towards the "word-count" length of your paper.]
includes the complete URL of each website referenced in the paper on a numbered References list, and the Reference list in formatted the appropriate MLA or APA style -- see:
has a parenthetical reference - e.g. (4) - in the text of the paper whenever information from a source is used or a web site is mentioned.
cites a sufficient number of student comments, and includes the names and dates of the individuals whose discussion comments are used in the paper on the References page.
is not plagiarized - and appears to be an original work based on evaluation by Turn-It-In.
has content that is well organized and comprehensive.
uses language and grammar that is appropriate, and does not have an excessive number of contractions. [Note:  The word "Internet" must be capitalized; "internet" is NOT acceptable.]
In addition,
I submitted my topic for discussion in Phase One in time to get sufficient input from other students.
During Phase One, I facilitated the discussion of my paper topic in Blackboard, and assisted at least three other students with their papers.
I submitted my paper to Turn-It-In for evaluation.

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