University of Illinois at Springfield
CSC 442 - ECCE - Section B
Spring 2014
Prof. Burks Oakley II

Paper One Assignment

Due Friday, March 14, 2014, by noon central time

For your first paper, select a topic that deals with how the Internet is impacting an area of YOUR life.  For ideas, you might want to look at the weekly topics that we are covering in CSC 442, or any of the topics included in the Pew Internet Life project.  Or you just might want to think creatively about some way that your life is impacted on a daily basis by the Internet and the World Wide Web.  The paper, then, is to be a description how personally your life is affected by the Internet in this area.

The best papers will have a focus on a single topic - not just a collection of unrelated online activities that you conduct on a regular basis.

Note that a number of examples of good papers that were written for this assignment are available online at:

You will write your paper in two phases.  In Phase One - the research and discussion phase - you will select a topic (your choice), propose the topic to the class (and get Prof. Oakley's approval), and locate several Internet resources that are related to this topic.  Other students will then be required to assist you by suggesting additional ideas, organizational strategies, web resources, etc.  You will not receive full credit for your paper if you do not assist at least three other students with their papers.  In Phase Two - the submission phase - you will write your paper, have it checked by a plagiarism detection website (Turn-It-In), and submit it as an attachment to a posting in Blackboard (for evaluation and for class discussion).  Once you have finalized your topic, you should not change it without prior approval from Prof. Oakley.

Prof. Oakley will be glad to review a draft of your paper and provide constructive feedback, if you wish to submit it to him well before the final submission deadline.

In order to receive full credit for your paper, you must follow all of these instructions carefully.

1. For your paper, you are to use a minimum of five Internet-based resources relevant to your chosen topic (excellent papers will likely use at least ten online sources).  When you mention a specific website in your paper, you MUST provide a reference to this site, so that the reader can access this site on the web.  When you mention a specific piece of software in your paper, you MUST provide a reference to this software, so that the reader can learn more about it.  In addition to these five sources, you must incorporate and cite specific student comments from the Phase One Discussions with your classmates.  Citations from the other students must include the author's name and the date the comment was made, as well as an appropriate URL.

2.  Write a paper in which you describe how your chosen topic impacts your life, by using material from the Internet websites you and your colleagues locate, as well as comments made by your classmates in the various class discussions.  It must be very clear to me that you have incorporated the resources and ideas contributed by your classmates into your paper.  You are required to cite them by name and date in your "References" page.

3. The minimum length of your paper is 2000 words of original content plus a References list. Important note: direct quotes from other sources are not counted in determining the "word-count" length of your paper.  The web resources must be cited properly (see instructions on the web) and should be listed on a numbered References list;  a parenthetical reference [e.g. (4)] should  be made in the text of your paper whenever information from that source is used.  Remember, your References list must also include the names and dates of the individuals whose discussion comments you use in your paper.

4.  UIS has a strict policy against plagiarism, as outlined in the UIS Academic Integrity Policy.  Plagiarism of any form will not be tolerated in CSC 442. You should understand the basic definitions of plagiarism (including improper paraphrasing) and how to avoid it.

Instructions for submitting your paper will be posted in Blackboard by March 10, 2014.

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