University of Illinois at Springfield
CSC442 - ECCE - Section B
Spring 2014
Prof. Burks Oakley II

Paper One - Alternative Assignment

Due March 14, 2014, by noon central time

For the Paper One assignment, you have the option of producing a podcast instead of writing a paper.  If you selection the podcast option, you must:

You can record your podcast using the free Audacity software ( and an inexpensive PC microphone (either built-in to your computer/monitor or a stand-alone microphone – use your favorite search engine and search on “PC microphone” – no quotes).  You can edit the recording using Audacity, and save the resulting audio file in mp3 format.  A tutorial about using Audacity is available at:

You can upload your mp3 file to your free webspace on the UIS eDocs server - detailed instructions are online at:

and a short tutorial is at:

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