CSC 442 - ECCE - Section B
The Internet and American Life
University of Illinois at Springfield
Spring 2010
Prof. Burks Oakley II
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Mid-Semester Evaluation - Data as of 5 February 2010

Q1: What do you like most about this class?

Q2: What do you like least about this class? Q3: What could be done to improve this class during the second half of the semester? Q4: Are you having any technical difficulties? If you are, please describe. Q5: Is this class meeting your expectations? Is it meeting the objectives you had at the start of the course? Q6: Are the topics of interest to you? Is the instructor knowledgeable in the subject matter? Q7: Are the 'student-led discussions' of value to you? Has Blackboard been a good tool for class discussions, posting assignments, etc.? Have the interactions in Blackboard added to your learning experience? Q8: Are you listening to the podcasts?  Do the podcasts add anything to the course? Q9: Are you getting the 'right' amount of feedback from your instructor? Q10: Is the instructor's teaching style appropriate for an online course? Q11: Anything else you want to comment on?