11 January 2014

Dear CSC 442 Class Member:

Welcome to our online Internet and American Life class!  My name is Burks Oakley and I will be teaching CSC442 Section B at UIS for the Spring 2014 semester.  We should have an interesting time during the semester exploring the impact that the Internet is having on our society.  Please note that this class is 100% Internet-based – all of our interactions will take place online.

Although the Spring semester officially starts on Tuesday, January 21st, all the handouts for our course, including the course syllabus, are already available online – you might want to get a jump on the semester and start reading some of the course handouts.  All of these materials are on our course website at:  https://edocs.uis.edu/boakl1/CSC442B/

Our course discussions will take place on the UIS Blackboard server at http://bb.uis.edu (note that there is no “www” in this address).  You will want to bookmark that URL, so that in the future, you can go right to our course.  Note that you login to the Blackboard server using your UIS Net ID and password.  Our class will NOT be available in Blackboard until several days before the start of the semester - probably on Saturday, January 18th.

I expect that once the semester begins, you will login to our class on the UIS Blackboard server a minimum of four or five times each week, and participate in the class discussions each time you login.  If you do not have this much time to devote to this class, then it probably isn’t right for you.  Many students find that it is very helpful to schedule a specific time to “go to class” in an online class - just like they would do if the class met regularly on campus.

I posted a short introductory video to YouTube - and I hope you will take the time to view it.  And in the next few days, I'll be producing several podcasts about the course.

Please send me an e-mail reply to let me know that you have received this message – that way I’ll have your preferred e-mail address. 

I am looking forward to interacting with you this semester!  See you on the Internet!

Sincerely yours,

Burks Oakley II, Ph.D.
Scholar in Residence
Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service (COLRS)
University of Illinois at Springfield

UIS - Leadership Lived

E-mail address:  oakley@uis.edu
Personal website:  http://www.burksoakley.com/