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Some of the LNT faculty have personal blogs or blogs related to their teaching or scholarship. This page links you to various blogs maintained by LNT faculty, students, or alumni.



Current Faculty and Staff Blogs and Facebook Pages.

Eric Hadley-Ives.

The Hadley-Ives Family Update. This is a personal blog where Eric shares photographs and news about what is going on in his family. Occasionally there are musings on political, religious, or scientific matters.

Social Welfare Policy and Macro Practice. This is a blog where Eric discusses matters related to his social work courses, politics, social welfare policy, and economics.

Eric's Facebook page. (You must login to Facebook in order to see this)

Eric's Myspace profile.

William Kline.

Bill's Online Self Directed Learning Blog. Bill Kline has a blog, and it seems he will be pointing out useful web sites and tools that online students might want to use.

Andy Egizi.

Welcome to Campus Town Blog. Campus Town is a place for students to relax for a few minutes before putting their noses back to the grindstone.

Student and Alumni Blogs and Facebook Pages.

Stephanie Moulton.

Flood. This is a personal blog where Steph muses on the collision between Faith and the environment. Steph is finishing up a master's degree where she is learning to write for Christian audiences about environmental issues and the concept of stewardship. In essence, she's earning a degree in environmental writing with a concentration on writing for evangelical audiences.

One Writer's World. This was Steph's main blog. She's a darn good writer, and this is where she mainly posts her ideas and responses to readings.