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eDocs: Access Your Files Anytime, Anywhere

ITS is excited to launch eDocs, a document management system for UIS faculty, staff, and students.

Storing and backing up critical files, working from home, as well as collaborating with colleagues both on and off campus is fast, simple, and secure.  eDocs is a self-managed system, allowing users to have complete control over what is uploaded and who can access it.

eDocs comes with a Blackboard Connector to link to files and folders posted on eDocs directly from Blackboard. 

Each user is provided with 1GB of storage space.

For more information, including training tutorials, workshop schedule, and documentation, please visit the eDocs webpage.  Live training workshops, open to the entire UIS campus community, will be offered twice a week.  Upcoming workshops are available:

  • Tuesday, September 2:  2-3:30pm

  • Thursday, September 4: 9-10:30am

  • Monday, September 8: 2-3:30pm

  • Wednesday, September 10: 9-10:30am.

Workshops are held in BRK 141A; there is no need to register.

If you are interested in scheduling a customized workshop for your department/team, please contact Kara McElwrath.

Update in SPSS Licensing


SPSS Base System and Regression Models are available to all  faculty members using the product for academic purposes. In addition, SPSS will be installed in ITS open labs for campus use, and will be available in classrooms and teaching labs where it is used for instructional purposes. SPSS will no longer be available through terminal server. For installation or more information, please contact Dixie Vaught.

Energy Saving Tips

Personal computers and peripherals consume significant amounts of energy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the average desktop computer wastes up to $75 of electricity annually during times of non-use.  With over 1,200 desktop computers on the UIS campus alone, there has never been a better time for users to practice energy-saving computer habits.  Best of all, just a few simple and easy tips is all it takes to save energy and money.


Faculty Opportunity to Offer Live, Online Sessions with GoToMeeting

ITS is excited to provide the ability for faculty to offer live, online sessions through the use of GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is a Web conferencing tool that allows you to meet online rather than in a conference room or classroom. Attendees are able to see what is displayed on the instructor's computer (PC or Mac) in real time. This is a great tool for giving presentations, demonstrating software or web applications, getting to know your students, troubleshooting problems, and much more.  Attendee requirements include only Internet access and speakers/headset.  Presenter requirements include Internet access and a microphone.


For more information, please contact Kara McElwrath.


Lecture Audio/Video Capture Service

A lecture capture system called Echo 360 is available for use campus-wide. Echo 360 captures, manages, and publishes class lectures while integrating with existing teaching technologies.

Lecture capture allows you to record a lecture along with whatever is displayed on the computer screen, thus providing your students with a powerful tool for review, to further supplement material covered in class, or to provide instruction that is entirely web-based. Students are able to fast-forward, rewind, or skip to particular segments. The captures can be viewed via an Internet browser, through iTunes, or downloaded to an MP3 player. For more information, please visit the Lecture Capture webpage.


Technology Enhanced Classrooms

ITS has been busy this summer equipping the few remaining classrooms on campus with state of the art equipment designed to enhance the integration of technology into the curriculum. The classrooms will be equipped with a computer with desktop monitor connected to the network, LCD TV, wireless keyboard and mouse, DVD/VHS combo player, laptop audio and video connection, and cable TV. The following classrooms are now upgraded:  BRK 339, BRK 340, BRK 368, BRK 369, BRK 374, BRK 416, PAC 3A, PAC 3E, PAC 3I, PAC 4A, PAC 4C, PAC 4D, VPA 170

New Atomic Learning Collection

In addition to the Technology Skills tutorial collection, Atomic Learning recently launched the Assistive Technology collection. This collection is designed empower educators to use and apply assistive technology by providing tutorials focused on special education software, assistive technology devices, software accessibility features, and more.



Faculty Feature

ITS is excited and proud to acknowledge faculty who are incorporating multimedia into their courses.

In this issue, we are showcasing the innovative work of Dr. William Abler, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Human Development Counseling.

Dr. Abler has been integrating multimedia in his courses since 1995. As a major component of his Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy class, students role-play family therapy sessions.

With the use of multimedia tools such as one-way glass observation rooms, bug-in-the-ear technologies, ceiling-mounted pan-and-tilt cameras, microphones and monitors, Dr. Abler videotapes the sessions for inclusion in the development of a multimedia clinical casenote in which narrative text and supportive visual material are fully integrated.

Abler notes that, "These technologies permit students to engage in an in-depth, multidimensional and highly interactive experiential process that makes theory and technique truly come alive. And, perhaps more importantly, these technologies serve to sharpen and refine their skills, develop confidence and enhance their sensitivity to the subtleties and nuances of actual clinical practice."

To learn how we can support you in incorporating multimedia into your curriculum, please contact Munindra Khaund.

How Do I...

Insert citations into a Word 2007 document using the selected bibliography style (i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc)?  Watch this short video to learn how.

Please keep in mind that you can easily embed any video file from Atomic Learning into your Blackboard course or course website, allowing students to review or learn new skills that will help them complete course assignments and projects.

Technology Support Center, HSB 110
• (217) 206-6000
• (877) 847-0443 [Toll free]

Media Lab, BRK 180
• (217) 206-6550

UHB Computer Lab, UHB 2030
• (217) 206-7100

Fall 2008 Lab Hours
Hours for the UHB 2030 lab:

-Thu:  7:30am - 10pm
Fri:  Noon - 5pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Hours for the Media Lab in BRK 180:

Mon-Thu:  8:30am - Midnight
Fri:  8:30am - 5pm
Sat:  10am - 6pm
Sun:  1pm - 9pm

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