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Extended Hours - Technology Support Center and UHB Computer Lab
We are pleased to announce new extended hours for the Technology Support Center and UHB general access computer lab. The new hours are:

Technology Support Ctr, HSB 110
Mon-Fri - 8:30am to Midnight
Sat - 10am to 6pm
Sun - 1 to 9pm

Computer Lab, UHB 2030
Mon-Thu - 8:30am to Midnight
Fri - 8:30am to 5:00pm

Atomic Learning
A new and exciting resource is available to the UIS community. Atomic Learning provides on-demand web-based software training in the form of short, just-in-time videos that focus on answering common questions about a variety of popular software packages.

Thousands of short, easy-to-understand tutorial videos and resources are available at no charge to UIS faculty, students, and staff. We encourage you take advantage of this resource as a professional development opportunity, to enhance your curriculum, or as an 'any time, anywhere' helpdesk tool. This powerful tool contains over 30,000 tutorials on more than 100 different software applications. Learn more about Atomic Learning

Email SPAM

Question: Recently I have received a number of apparently virus-infected e-mails that get quarantined by Outlook - usually in the form of supposed online greeting cards.  Is there a way to screen and delete these items before they end up in my e-mail system?

Answer: The greeting card email that is being quarantined is not actually infected with a virus. (It contains a link that if clicked will download a trojan from a web link.) Technically these messages are more like spam than viruses. Spam is very hard to block without blocking legitimate email. Much of this spam comes from compromised machines all over the world. Read more

The iPhone Hits UIS

Apple's iPhone has generated a phenomenal amount of interest on university campuses this summer. ITS at UIS is working hard to maximize the benefits of the iPhone for members of the UIS community. We will keep you updated as we address user interface issues and learn more about the utility of the iPhone. Check the ITS website for instructions for obtaining an iPhone and for using the iPhone for internet, email, and calendaring. If there is an iPhone related feature that you would like ITS to address in more depth or an iPhone tool that you have found useful for teaching, working, or learning, please drop us a line at and let us know.

Training Sessions and Workshops
ITS is pleased to announce the schedule for Fall 2007 Multimedia Workshops. Please visit the ITS website to view the list of workshops being offered. In addition to the multimedia workshops, ITS will be offering several MS Office training sessions. The schedule for these sessions will be available soon.

Registration for any multimedia workshop is now open. Although walk-ins are welcome, we recommend that you pre-register for a workshop. Note that, if registration for any workshop is less than three participants, the workshop will be canceled.

Enhancing Learning Through Multimedia
As an increasing number of UIS faculty consider the use of multimedia, tools that make multimedia presentations easier to create are appearing. Which tool you use depends on a number of factors: what kind of information is to be conveyed; who the intended audience is; and how much interaction there will be between the application and the user. The ITS Multimedia Education and Production team has put together this interactive project to help familiarize you with the multimedia technologies available on our campus and also to showcase faculty projects that have been developed in collaboration with the Multimedia Education and Production team. View multimedia projects

Video Streaming and Duplication
The guidelines and policies outlined on the ITS Video Streaming and Duplication page are valid for all video streaming and duplicating requests from UIS--by its colleges, divisions, departments, academic courses, organizations, and other units. The purpose of this document is to establish appropriate procedures and guidelines for delivering quality video streaming and duplication to UIS via resources supported by ITS, while keeping in line with UIS copyright policies and federal copyright laws. View the guidelines

Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder
Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder and Video Editor allows you to record your computer screen to create presentations and video for course use. Projects can range from simply recording an interactive PowerPoint presentation to recording specific computer actions, adding audio and narration. Output options for Camtasia allow for content to be published in several industry-standard formats. The ITS Multimedia Education and Production team will assist faculty in the use of this technology for course projects. For more information, contact Munindra Khaund (206-6764 or


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Technology Support Center, HSB 110
• (217) 206-6000
• (877) 847-0443 [Toll free]

Media Lab, BRK 180
• (217) 206-6550

UHB Computer Lab, UHB 2030
• (217) 206-7100


Training Specialist

We are excited to announce our new Training Specialist, Kara McElwrath. Kara has a rich background in education and training, and she is looking forward to working with the UIS community. Kara's office is located in UHB2026. Please stop by and share any training needs you may have with her, or contact her at 206-8237 or She is available to assist you in a variety of ways:

* Using any of the Microsoft Office products, including the new Office 2007
* TaskStream e-portfolio
* NetOps classroom management tool
* TurningPoint Student Response System
* Integrating technology into your classroom
* And much, much more!

Kara will be providing group workshops, one-on-one training, printable tutorials, and "How-to" guides. If there is something you are struggling with or would like to try but just aren't sure how, Kara would be happy to help you!