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Atomic Desktop

ITS is excited to announce the availability of Atomic Desktop, a free tool that compliments the Atomic Learning video tutorials which help answer "How do I?" questions on over 100 different software applications. Simply download Atomic Desktop, which allows you to quickly search over 35,000 tutorials directly from your desktop.

Are you wondering how your colleagues are using Atomic Learning? If so, below are three of the most popular videos:

Computer Health and Maintenance

Like people or automobiles, computers need check-ups and routine maintenance in order to keep them up and running. Fortunately, you may not need to take your computer to a costly doctor or mechanic; there are many things you can do yourself to ensure that your computer runs as efficiently as possible. We encourage you to review the tips available in the Atomic Learning series on PC Maintenance and Security


Cisco IP Phone Support

UIS offers support for Cisco-based Internet Protocol (IP) phones. The Cisco 7940 IP Phones, used extensively on campus, contain advanced features that expedite many tasks such as checking your voicemail from off-campus, forwarding calls, setting up conference calls, and much more. For more information about using your Cisco IP phone, please read the IP Phone customization document [pdf file].


Email Distribution Lists

A distribution list is a list of email addresses. Emails sent to a distribution list are received by all members of the list. Distribution lists facilitate group communication by eliminating the need to enter individual email addresses when sending an email to a group.

UIS Campus Announcements is one of the UIS distribution lists.  If an employee has an announcement that would be of general interest to the campus, they can send it to this list.

New employees are automatically part of this list, so most employees are on the list.  However, employees can request to be removed from this distribution list by contacting the Technology Support Center. Similarly, they can contact the Technology Support Center if they are not currently receiving Campus Announcements but would like to.

Both employees and students can review Campus Announcements at their convenience by accessing the Campus Announcements folder in the Public Folders in Outlook or via a browser at (you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password).

Visit our website for information on other UIS distribution lists.


Users of the UIS Software WebStore will notice the previous URL of now directs to the UIUC Software WebStore at This has been done to help promote a unified system whereby all members of the University of Illinois are eligible for the same great deals on software. Users of the WebStore are able to login using their '' and supplying their UIS email password. Questions regarding access to the new WebStore or about the merger may be directed to the UIS Technology Support Center.



Faculty Feature

ITS is excited and proud to acknowledge faculty who are incorporating multimedia into their courses.

In this issue, we are showcasing the innovative work of Dr. Harshavardhan Bapat, Assistant Professor of Chemistry.

"To help my students have a better grasp of the content in the General Chemistry course, I put together the Chemistry in a Flash application. The principal idea behind this program is that anybody looking at these webpages would be able to learn and practice concepts in Chemistry."

To learn how we can support you in incorporating multimedia into your curriculum, please contact Munindra Khaund.

Atomic Learning and Blackboard

Please keep in mind that you can easily embed any video file from Atomic Learning into your Blackboard course or course website, allowing students to review or learn new skills that will help them complete course assignments and projects.

How Do I...

Convert a Word 2007 document to a pdf?  Watch this short video to learn how.  Visit our FAQ page for step-by-step instructions [pdf file] for installing the pdf add-in to Office 2007.

Technology Support Center, HSB 110
• (217) 206-6000
• (877) 847-0443 [Toll free]

Media Lab, BRK 180
• (217) 206-6550

UHB Computer Lab, UHB 2030
• (217) 206-7100

Summer Lab Hours

The lab in UHB 2030 will be closed for the summer.  The hours for the Media Lab in BRK 180 are:

Mon-Thu:  8:30am - 10pm
Fri:  8:30am - 5pm
Sat:  10am - 6pm
Sun:  2pm - 10pm

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