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Adobe Products Available to Full-time Employees

Adobe logoThe Adobe suite is now available for free to full-time employees for installation on their University-owned computers only. The software is available to download from the WebStore at no cost, and will include Acrobat, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign, and many more. The software will also be available for use in campus computer labs. Please contact ITS Client Services if you have any questions.

Projecting Wirelessly From Your iPad

AirServerAll our classrooms are equipped with the ability to project wirelessly from your iPad and iPhone using AirServer. This allows you the flexibility to not only present from your iPad or iPhone but also to move around the room without being tied to the instructor station. We are currently exploring wireless projection options for Android and Windows mobile devices and hope to have the services available soon.


Instructions are available; if you have any questions, please contact ITS Client Services.

Charging Up: USB Outlets

USB charging outlets are available in several locations throughout campus:

  • Mary Jane's Cafe
  • Capitol Perks
  • 1st Floor UHB seating main entrance
  • 2nd Floor UHB lounge
  • 2nd Floor Entry Hallway of Brookens Library
  • STARS Lounge
  • 1st Floor HSB lounge
  • Seating area near iCard office
  • PAC Atrium lounge area
  • 3rd Floor BRK seating near elevator
  • 4th Floor BRK seating near elevator

USB Chargingn OutletsThese outlets have been marked with a sign to make them easier to locate. To use the USB outlet, plug in your USB cable to the outlet and then to your device and let it charge. Please let us know if you have suggestions for other areas where charging outlets would be helpful.

Classroom Technology Assessment Committee

ClassroomThe Classroom Technology Assessment Committee, comprised of faculty, staff, and students, has recently been formed and is charged with evaluating our current classrooms, researching what other universities are doing, and making recommendations for improving our classrooms and other learning spaces.

Be on the lookout for a campus survey to share your thoughts! And please contact Dr. Josiah Alamu, our current ITS Faculty Fellow, if you would like to participate in the committee.

Rave Alerts: UIS Emergency Notifications

Rave AlertsWhile not new to UIS, our Emergency Notification services provide ways for faculty, staff, and students to join our efforts in providing a safe and secure campus.


RaveAlerts send emergency messages to participants - via email and text messaging.


Guardian allows any user with a Web-enabled cellphone to activate a "panic button" that will immediately alert police to a problem and open communications between the user and the Campus Police.


Additionally, Guardian has a precautionary timer that acts as a digital alternative to a campus walking escort. A user will be able to set the estimated time needed to walk to a destination. If that time expires and the user has not canceled the timer, the Campus Police will call to ensure that the user is safe.


A mobile app is coming soon for Guardian; we will let you know when it becomes available.


EyeWitness allows anyone who witnesses a crime to initiate a text message conversation with a Public Safety officer. This service allows anyone to text the Campus Police to expedite a law-enforcement response. EyeWitness offer tipsters anonymity, allowing students to discretely provide timely, critical information without letting those in his/her vicinity in on the conversation.


To learn more about these services and to sign up, please visit our Emergency Notifications webpage.

Kaltura: Media Analytics and Reporting

KalturaLast fall, ITS introduced Kaltura to the campus, a media management tool that allows us to better manage and deploy media in websites, through mobile devices, in Blackboard, and more.


Kaltura integrates with the tools we already use for media, including Blackboard, WordPress, and Camtasia Relay, improving the ease with which we make videos and other rich-media content available and accessible across all platforms and devices. Faculty, staff, and students can now easily record, upload, and share videos.


Additionally, Kaltura provides a wide variety of analytics and statistics - including, but not limited to, the number of times a video has been viewed, what devices/platforms/browsers were used to view the video, the drop-off point (how many viewers watched 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of a particular video, the average length of time users spent viewing a video, and much more. (Special note: Currently, the average view time for users is 7 minutes 35 seconds.)


For more information, or to request analytics for your videos, please contact Kara McElwrath.


ITS Client Services - A Single Location for ITS Resources and Support

ITS Client Services signIn an effort to provide improved services to the UIS campus community, the Technology Support Center and Media Lab have joined forces to become ITS Client Services. Located in the Media Lab, in the lower level of Brookens Library, the campus now has a single location for getting help and support. ITS Client Services is your first point of contact for all technology issues regardless of device, platform, or operating system.

Desktop Refresh Program

To ensure that faculty and staff have the most current technology available to fully participate in a technology-enabled work and learning environment, ITS began the Desktop Refresh Program a few years ago. All full-time faculty and staff from participating units will be provided with a desktop or laptop computer once every four years.

If you believe you are eligible for a new computer but have not yet received an email notification, please contact Bill Cox.


DeShawn PendeltonPlease join us in welcoming DeShawn Pendelton to the Learning Spaces Support team as a Multimedia Technician. DeShawn joins us from Millikin University and brings a rich background in instructional technologies, including audio/visual expertise. DeShawn is responsible for equipment reservations; please contact him with any requests. We are thrilled to have him join our team!

Matthew StarrWe are also thrilled to announce the addition of Matthew Starr to our Client Services team. As an Information Technology Support Associate, Matthew is serving as our daytime student supervisor and brings extensive experience in IT and management.

ITS Faculty Fellow

ITS is accepting proposals for our Faculty Fellowship to run May 16, 2014 through May 15, 2015.

The primary purpose of the ITS Faculty Fellow program is to help improve ITS' instructional technology consulting services and activities; serve as an advocate for ITS; advance exemplary teaching; enrich the learning experiences of students by the appropriate use of technology; develop media-enhanced instructional materials; and to research on a discipline-specific use of technology.

Fellows will work with the Instructional Support and Training and Learning Spaces Support teams. The primary responsibilities will be assessing classroom technologies, researching new and emerging instructional technologies, and leading a committee charged with making recommendations for classroom and lab improvements/enhancements. In addition, the Fellow will assist in developing, promoting, and supporting a variety of technologies to the campus.

For more information, including the proposal form, please visit the ITS Faculty Fellow webpage.

Digital TV Coming Soon!

The entire campus TV line-up will go digital this summer. The old receivers and modulators, which have served the campus and students for the past decade, will be replaced with modern digital video equipment.

This upgrade to digital will provide improved signal quality, as well as much better integration with the RAVE emergency notification system, including the ability to push emergency notifications to all channels with audio. It will also improve our space saving and energy saving efforts.

Additionally, Cinemax will be available along with the current HBO channels.


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