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Blackboard Mobile Learn Comes to UIS

The Blackboard Mobile Learn app allows faculty and students to access their course work on-the-go via their mobile device, including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Palm smartphones regardless of carrier or type of access.

Blackboard appFaculty and students can access course documents, post announcements, create discussion board posts and replies, upload media to discussion boards - all from the mobile devices they love.

Please keep in mind that Mobile Learn is not a replacement for working with Blackboard in a browser. In particular, faculty will need to continue using the browser for course creation and grading. The benefit of Mobile Learn is the easy access to certain material while on-the-go.

For more information, please visit our Blackboard Mobile Learn webpage.

Microsoft Lync: A New Communication and Collaboration Tool for UIS

Microsoft LyncMicrosoft Lync is a communication tool that allows users to collaborate in real-time in a variety of ways, including instant message chat, audio and/or video chat, and desktop sharing.


Lync talks with UIS' new Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging system to allow users to see when others are available to collaborate.


Lync is also a great resource to use for communicating and collaborating in online courses. Students can download Lync Attendee (for free) and take advantage of the communication tools. Faculty may want to consider trying out Lync for online course meetings, student conferences, student group projects, and/or office hours.


For more information on how to download and install Lync, please visit our Microsoft Lync webpage. To talk more about how to use Lync with your online courses, please contact Kara McElwrath.


Camtasia Relay Now Captures Webcam


Camtasia Relay imageCamtasia Relay is one of our campus solutions for lecture and screen captures. This easy-to-use tool now includes webcam support. You can record both your screen and webcam video, allowing the audience to see you, hear you, and watch you present as if they were there.


In addition, this update includes support for Lion, so Mac users can upgrade to OS X Lion and continue to create videos with ease.


For more information, please visit our Camtasia Relay webpage.

Free Printing and iOS AirPrint


Printer iconWe are pleased to announce that as of the Spring 2012 academic semester, UIS students will be allotted 250 black/white pages of free printing per calendar year. The credit will be added to the student's Pharos printing account the first time his or her i-card is swiped at a Pharos print station.

The 250 pages of free prints can only be used for printing services and cannot be used in other areas where i-card payment is accepted. The credit account, which will be displayed at the Pharos station, is labeled UIS Student Printing Allowance.

Black and white prints are $.10 per page, and color prints are $.25 per page. The free prints allowance can also be used for color prints. Please know that there is no cash back value for this service.

iOS Devices ImageIn addition, wireless printing through Pharos is now available using Android phones or iPhones and iPads running iOS 4.2 or greater.

To use this, your device must be connected to the UIS wireless (UISWiFi). When the item to be printed is selected, a 'Printer Options' window will open. You should then choose "Select Printer". Two options will appear: Pharos BW (Black & White) Stations or Pharos Color Stations. Choose the appropriate option and then go to any Pharos print station to release your job.

Please note: If you choose to print in black and white, your print will not be available at a color printer and vice versa.

Faculty Showcase

cavanaghIt is with great pleasure that we welcome Mike Cavanagh to our ITS team. Mike will continue serving as an Assistant Professor in the Communications Department and will also serve as a Faculty Associate for ITS.

Mike's focus will be as a faculty liaison, social networking deployment, research of new and emerging technologies, and promotion of ITS services.

How Do I...

Plan for the technology needs of an event I am hosting, including accommodating online participants or presenters, recording the event, and choosing an appropriate location? Check out our Technology for Events webpage for services we have available to help.


ITS is pleased to announce 5 members to our team.

Troy FugnittiTroy Fugnitti joined the System Support team as an Information Technology Technical Associate. He provides evening support of the Computer Science department vSphere teaching cluster, including training faculty on its features. Troy also works with the other Network Services teams to monitor and support servers and networks for the entire campus.

Josh Irons imageJosh Irons serves as an Information Technology Technical Associate with our Technology Support Center team. Josh provides second level support, troubleshooting issues that progress beyond Level 1.

Apeksha imageApeksha Mallipeddi joined our Application Development and Database Support team as an Information Technology Technical Associate. She specializes in the development and maintenance of new and existing campus applications.

Chris Mueller imageChris Mueller serves as an Information Technology Support Associate on our Technology Support Center (TSC) team. He trains and supervises the TSC student employees. Chris also provides Level 2 technical support when needed and supervises other TSC operations.

Katy Owen imageKaty Owen is the newest addition to our ITS team in her role as Office Administrator. Katy is the primary assistant for the CIO and is responsible for the office support functions of ITS.

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