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February 18:  Technology Day 2009

The University of Illinois at Springfield will present Technology Day on February 18, 2009. Technology Day will showcase innovative ways that faculty, staff, and students are using technology. "EnviroTech: Educational Technologies that Advance Sustainability" is the theme for this year's event.

Technology Day will begin in the Public Affairs Center at UIS at 11:30 a.m. with guest keynote speaker Dr. Donald Spicer. Dr. Spicer, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO for the University System of Maryland, will present on "IT's Role in Campus Sustainability Efforts." Presentations and technology demonstrations by members of the UIS academic community will follow the keynote address and will continue until 4:30 p.m. 

In addition to the theme of sustainability, this year's Technology Day will offer many highlights including:

  • High level of on campus participation (including students). We have a record number of UIS faculty and staff presenters and poster tables scheduled this year. The schedule includes presentations by 4 current UIS students as well.

  • Increased participation by alumni. The Alumni Offices of UIS and UIUC and the UIS College of Education and Human Services Alumni Council have helped promote Technology Day to area educators. The UI Alumni Offices are hosting a teachers reception for K-12 teachers and College of Education and Human Services Alumni in the PAC Restaurant after Technology Day.

  • Credit for Professional Development (CPDUs) for Illinois teachers. With the incentive to receive 3 CPDUs, we hope this year's event will attract more K-12 classroom teachers and technology leaders, while simultaneously drawing attention to the UIS campus, our available educational technology, and our academic programs in education. 

  • "Apple in Higher Education" session. Apple is sending a representative to campus to present on Apple innovation, higher ed trends, as well as Apple and the Environment, a summary of their efforts to be an environmentally responsible company.

 The 2009 Technology Day schedule is now available online. Please help us generate excitement about February 18th. No registration is needed, and you can drop by for any part of Technology Day. We hope to see you there.

Wireless Network Upgrade

Information Technology Services has begun a very significant upgrade to the campus wireless network, a change so significant that we have created a new name, UISWiFi, for the improved wireless network.  UISWiFi will deliver higher speeds, improved coverage, and more reliable connections with fewer disconnects.  The Cisco VPN client is not needed to connect to UISWiFi, which makes UISWiFi easier to use and easier for your computer to find.  For the first time, computers with 64-bit hardware and/or 64-bit operating systems will be able to connect to the campus wireless network.  UISWiFi will also enable other wireless-capable devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Wii, Xbox360) to easily connect to the campus wireless network.

UISWiFi is already available throughout several campus buildings; Founders Residence Hall, Trillium Court, TRAC, and University Hall.  Over the next year, ITS will be expanding UISWiFi to cover other campus buildings.  It is important to note that the current campus wireless network, uiswlan, is still functional in all areas (even those that now have UISWiFi) and will continue to be available in all areas until UISWiFi is fully deployed.  The Cisco VPN client is still required to connect to uiswlan.


ITS Service Fees


ITS provides a diverse set of technology services and solutions in support of academic and administrative functions. Most services are provided at no cost to the current faculty, staff, and students; however, there are circumstances where a fee may be applied. For example, fees are applied for additional email or eDocs storage space.  Please visit the ITS Service Fees webpage for a complete list.

Report Writing at UIS

It is common knowledge that Banner contains a wealth of information pertinent to students, programs, and departments at UIS, but did you know that campus departments can request a custom report through ITS? The UIS Report Request is located on the ITS Banner Support webpage.  The Registrar’s Office and Institutional Research have a role in reviewing report requests for FERPA compliance and data accuracy. If a report request is approved, then a report will be created using information pulled from Banner’s data warehouse through EDDIE (Enterprise Data Delivery Information Environment). 

Additionally, if a department needs the same report on a regular basis, it may be possible for ITS to run the report and send it to an EDDIE inbox which enables the user who requested the report to refresh or update the report on an as needed basis.  Before a refreshable report can be generated to an EDDIE inbox, however, the user’s Unit Security Contact (USC) must grant him or her access to the data warehouse. If access is granted by the USC, then the user should indicate on the Report Request Form that the report be sent to an EDDIE inbox. For more information on obtaining access, the types of data available, training, and updates,  please visit the Decision Support webpage.


Faculty Feature

In this issue, we are showcasing the work of Dr. Bill Carpenter, Director of Composition, Department of English.

Dr. Carpenter integrates multimedia in his Bob Dylan's America course, using video and audio technology to enhance students' critical study of the pop star and his various historical contexts.

The class can access Carpenter's personal music collection through iTunes and the campus network. The web and Smart Board technologies enhance classroom discussion by allowing audio, video, and text to be juxtaposed. At any one time, students can listen to a Dylan song over the classroom speakers, see the lyrics on the screen in front of them, and then call up critical reviews or performance videos on the web.

For one course assignment, students create their own multimedia presentations. They use software such as iMovie, PowerPoint, and Photoshop to construct electronic texts that examine social and political issues. Carpenter notes that, "The multimedia project gives students a greater appreciation for how contemporary texts are created and mediated. They recognize that even a 3-minute video requires a great number of rhetorical, critical, and practical decisions. They're less likely in the future to take such texts for granted."

To learn how we can support you in incorporating multimedia into your curriculum, please contact Munindra Khaund.

How Do I...

Archive my Outlook e-mail to conserve storage space and better manage my inbox?  Watch this short video to learn how.

Please keep in mind that you can easily embed any video file from Atomic Learning into your Blackboard course or course website, allowing students to review or learn new skills that will help them complete course assignments and projects.

What You May Be Missing Out On: Lecture Capture

A lecture capture system called Echo 360 is available for use campus-wide. Echo 360 automatically or manually captures, manages, and publishes class lectures while integrating with existing teaching technologies.

Echo 360 allows you to record a lecture along with whatever is displayed on the computer screen, thus providing students with a powerful tool for review, to further supplement material covered in class, or to provide instruction that is entirely web-based. Students are able to fast-forward, rewind, or skip to particular segments. The captures can be viewed via an Internet browser, through iTunes, or downloaded to an MP3 player.


As Mae Noll [instructor for UNI 301 ECCE Speaker Series] describes, "When my class met for the first time in January, I explained the syllabus and course expectations and used Echo 360 to capture the class on video. That day I had 17 students. One week later I had 24 students. Lecture capture enabled each student who added the course after the first week of classes to see exactly what they missed in the initial meeting including questions that classmates asked about the course at the end of my talk. The students who enrolled late were grateful for the opportunity to see everything they missed."


For more information, please visit the Lecture Capture System webpage.

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