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Problems in the classroom (Whom do you contact?)
Technology problems in the classrooms should be routed through the Technology Support Center. The Technology Support Center can be contacted by dialing (217)206-6000. The Technology Support Center is our central point of contact and our first response for technology issues and problems.

UIS has a new Center for Geographic Information System (GIS). The center will support GIS classes, workshop, and research activities at UIS. This support includes database, software, training and assistance in the use of GIS tools. The center (HRB107 and HRB 111) has been equipped with new computers and the latest spatial data analysis/image processing software. The students in ENS404: Fundamentals of GIS are the first group of users who get the opportunity to experience the state of the arts GIS technology at UIS campus.

Audience Response System
TurningPoint Audience Response System has been used on the UIS campus for several semesters. This software enables faculty to electronically poll student responses during a class. Turning Technologies has recently released a building block that allows integration with Blackboard. To learn more about this system, please visit the Audience Response System webpage.

Software WebStore
The Software WebStore distributes many software packages for free or at a fraction of their usual costs. Students and faculty can obtain discounts that are better than what commercial stores have to offer. Logon to WebStore to start taking advantage of these incredible savings. If you have general or technical questions about WebStore, please contact the Technology Support Center at (217)206-6000.

Laptop Carts
Every classroom at UIS has the potential to become a computer lab. Information Technology Services offers laptop carts that can be reserved for classroom use. Each cart has between 10 and 24 wireless capable laptops with the same software found in our traditional computer labs. Please schedule these carts at least a week ahead of time to insure availability. To schedule a cart for your classroom, please call us at (217)206-6550.

Digitizing Video for Classroom Delivery
If you plan on digitizing video(s) for classroom delivery, the ITS Media Lab can help you with your project. Please note that you will need to obtain the necessary copyright clearances [Form A and Form B] before ITS can digitize and stream a video for your class.

35mm Slide Scanning
In addition to several flatbed scanners [for photos and transparencies] at the ITS Media Lab, we now have a Nikon Slide Scanner. The Nikon slide scanner allows you to scan a single slide and you can automate a multiple slide-scanning process.

Windows Vista
Microsoft has officially released its new operating system, Windows Vista. ITS is currently testing various applications for compatibility with this new operating system. We do not plan to upgrade campus PCs to Vista until all compatibility issues are known and we are prepared to provide full technical support.


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Technology Support Center, HSB 107
(217) 206-6000
(877) 847-0443 (Toll-free in Illinois)

Media Lab, BRK 180
(217) 206-6550

UHB Computer Lab, UHB 2030
(217) 206-7100


UIS on iTunes U

UIS on iTunes U

UIS has joined an elite group of universities to offer iTunes U. UIS on iTunes U allows you to deliver course-related audio content and supplemental material to your students. Listen and subscribe to several public access podcasts offered by the Office of Web Services, WUIS, UIS Music, and more.

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